I am not an agency.

I am a media composer and sound designer.

Every project I do is unique and different. I have an handmade approach towards sound design. I like to think of myself as a sound artisan.

I love to take my time in perfecting things, experimenting with sounds and instruments, trying out new techniques and bending the boundaries between sound design and music.

Born in 1988.

My background is quite a mess.

I graduated in science and technologies of musical communication, got a jazz guitar diploma and a master in music for film. I played in a punk/hardcore band for 12 years – we wrote several albums an toured most of Europe – while I had private lessons in arranging, composing and orchestration. Yes, I was the guy sweating and screaming on a stage while trying to figure out how to incorporate advanced harmony into punk songs.

Then I started working on video production, at first as sound recordist/boom operator. Eventually I begun doing post production, sound design and, finally, composing soundtracks.

Since 2014, I have been working as sound designer and media composer on numerous documentaries, short films, fashion films, commercials and sound design installations.

I love music. I love sounds. I love to use my skills to create, manipulate and carefully design soundtracks.

I hate to work with creative restraints, low budget/short timed/close-minded productions. I hate sound-a-like music and poorly designed stock sounds.

If you are tired of dehumanized music, emotionless soundtracks and badly designed sounds and if you share my vision on sound design contact me and we’ll discuss our future collaboration.

– Matteo Pansana / Natural Born Noisemaker