Louvre – Dialoguer Avec Le Street Art

Dialoguer Avec Le Street Art

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A series of short documentaries filmed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Dialoguer Avec le Street Art looks for a new way to read classic art in relation to modern ways of artistic expression.

5 contemporary artist (C215, Blek Le Rat, Madame, Levalet, Jeff Aerosol) will guide you through the museum, explaining their deep connection with the Louvre’s timeless art pieces. 

Produced by Le Grand Jeu – Directed by Marco Proserpio – Sound&Music Matteo Pansana – Edited by Domenico Nicoletti


C215 Ep01Ep02Ep03

Blek Le Rat Ep01Ep02Ep03

Madame Ep01Ep02Ep03

Levalet Ep01 Ep02Ep03

Jef Aerosol Ep01Ep02Ep03

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