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Borntwice. A short movie written and directed by Giada Bossi.

Starring Joshua Bossi – with Gioele Bossi – Original Music by El Sorrio – Edited by Giada & Joshua Bossi – Sound Design Matteo Pansana.

The sound design for Borntwice took quite a bit of time and patience. Most of the voices you hear throughout the movie have been recorded on the fly with various low-fi devices, resulting in grainy, noisy tracks. We decided to embrace this sonic direction, and tried to tie all the sound elements together keeping this raw-sounding direction. Rest assured that a ton of hours, trials&errors (and coffee) were necessary to obtain this result! Once the main VO tracks had been processed, we designed the rest of the sounds, making them flow in and out of the beautiful music by El Sorrio.

If you loved Borntwice as much as I did, go and read what Giada Bossi wrote on this short movie here.

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